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Customer reviews of Compila's Starter Website Hosting Plan.

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# 2 February 2012 5 stars

Simply the Best!

Simply the best value for money hosting company in the UK. Thats why I have over 50 accounts with them. 

# 17 June 2012 5 stars

Great support service

I've used Compila for about 8 years now, which is a sure sign of a great host.  I have many of my clients' sites hosted here and almost all my domain names are registered via them. They are one of the best value hosting services around, imho.

But it's the support that really impresses me. When I've had a question to ask, I've had really quick responses, and always recieved friendly helpful replies when I've phoned them.  On the very few occasions when I've had a problem, if it's been during normal working hours it has been fixed very quickly indeed - often within minutes, not the hours some other hosts can take.

I have recommended compila on several web forums as a host well worth using.



# 23 April 2012 5 stars


I have never experianced such good technical support from a company before. 

You have been a dream hosing company, and it has been so good to have my site hosted with you. I dont know why i would consider going with anyone else, i cannot recommend you enough :):)

# 21 October 2009 5 stars

Good value hosting. Excellent telephone support.

# 12 October 2011 5 stars

Keep the good work going.

I have recomemded three people already who use compila

# 8 October 2009 4 stars

# 17 October 2009 4 stars

Keep up the leading pricing, that is why I am with you.

Generally fantastic but there has been a problem with renewals on occasion! I've often passed on your name.

# 1 October 2009 4 stars

# 2 October 2009 4 stars

# 1 October 2009 4 stars

excellent support staff, all problems resolved very quickly every time.

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