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Customer reviews of Compila's Starter Website Hosting Plan.

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# 2 November 2009 5 stars

Keep up the good work

Everything has so far worked smoothly from day one. My website has never had any downtime and the transfer and registration of my domain name was painless. Compila's online sales staff were both friedly and helpful when I was considering joining and trying to work out what package would suit my needs. The email information and the online help were both clear and easy to understand when I was trying initially to set up my site. All this and still the great low prices! Excellent.

# 5 November 2012 5 stars

Good service.Good value

I have used compila for about 7 years. They seem excellent value compared to other hosting services and the best thing is when there is a problem or query the support people respond and act quickly and do not try to pass the buck back to you as having done something wrong. They seem genuinely to want to find a solution to help you. Keep it up, Well done.

# 8 October 2009 5 stars

problems are sorted, emails are replied to within 24 hours (usually alot less)

# 1 March 2013 5 stars

First Class COMPILA

EXCELLENT service from Compila. I have been with Compila since 2000 and whenever I have had a query they attend to it within minutes and the problem is always solved. The immediate response, friendly and very personable support staff and simplicity with their explanations when I am well and truly 'stuck' with computer jargon makes me realise that I am very fortunate to have chosen Compila all those years ago. First class, long may it continue - I'm sure it will.

# 9 May 2013 5 stars

quality throughout

Having used compila for approx 2-3 years. I am more than happy with the service. In the unlikely event that you do get any problems. They are sorted in a jiffy! Cpanel is great. very powerful tools all easily set out so if you are not a geek, dont worry! Consistant website loading times. recommend to all our friends. the 2 sites below are with compila also looking to move to compila. as we get such great service with the 2 already hosted. the price. Excellent!  the product. Excellent! the service. Excellent! (just my opinions btw) 
# 25 March 2014 5 stars

Compila, the best!

As a web designer and manager, I've been using Compila for about 8 years and have purchased numerous URLs and hosting packages with them.

The hosting process is straightforward and competitvely priced but more importantly, their support is fantastic. I've always received quick and effective responses with any issues that I've experienced - even over the Christmas period when my email account was compromised and bombarded with spam. The support team always does everything it can to resolve a situation. 

I wouldn't use any other company. Compila every time!

Thanks guys,


# 16 August 2014 5 stars


I have been with Compila over 11 years and very satisfied with the level of services and responsiveness.

# 1 November 2009 5 stars

Keep up the good work.

Best quality at the price I've come across. I wish you all success.

I've have used one other hosting company for over ten years. Transferring the account (and email address!!!) would be a fag. But their service is not up to yours. Or value.

# 6 October 2009 5 stars

Everything is very satisfactory. Thank you.

We have 3 web sites we run from compila. It is non comercial and just dog sites but we are all very happy with you.

# 31 January 2012 5 stars

Thank You Compila!

I am so happy with the support that Compila have given me; if something goes amiss with my emails, etc, then Compila are always quick to respond to my queries and the problems are corrected promptly. It is nice to know that there is direct contact with the support team and that I am not left floundering for hours with the potential to lose clients as all my work is internet-based. Huge thanks to a great Team!

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