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Building a Blog for Corporate SEO

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Thousands of businesses worldwide are embracing social media as a direct PR and marketing source. Consultants are being hired, internet marketing budgets are quickly being shifted, and the entire world of online business is moving towards open, social media styled PR. However, despite the massive hype and hustle around social media, it is rarely the most effective online marketing tool available for businesses.

The blog, now a relic amongst social media publishing forms, is still the most effective online marketing tool for businesses. From web design firms to shoe manufacturers, a wide range of online businesses are experimenting with blogs to boost their bottom line and increase their SEO power. Allowing companies to extend their websites to thousands of indexed pages, a blog could just be the best social marketing tool out there.

Blogging for SEO vs. Social Media for PR

When it comes to the bottom line, SEO is usually the most valuable marketing platform for online businesses. Social media tools can provide a great way to contact customers and build marketing buzz, but they very rarely offer the security and stability that a dedicated search engine presence can bring.

corporate-by-pinkmoose-flickrFor SEO, there are two options available for businesses: in-house, or external. External SEO typically involves extensive contracting, difficult targets, and occasionally expensive services. In-house SEO, while difficult for a small business to manage, can easily be mastered with a small amount of training and a dedicated company blog.

Which Blogging Platform is Best for SEO?

There is a lot of debate surrounding which blogging platform is best for improving search engine rankings and website visibility. While a variety of free blogging platforms offer competitive SEO tools, one stands out far beyond the competition: WordPress.

The major benefits of using WordPress for a corporate SEO blog rest in its simplicity as a blogging system. WordPress can easily be integrated with a standard website design, and in many cases can be used to build a corporate website from scratch. The wide range of templates available make it simple to build a website around a corporate blog, and the huge designer community allows large businesses the flexibility that they may need to differentiate themselves online.

Of course, when it comes to SEO, tools and features are the main priority. WordPress boasts a number of SEO plug-ins and features, all capable of improving rankings for a business blog and website. A favourite amongst bloggers and businesses alike, WordPress is the most flexible and valuable platform for businesses looking for an SEO boost.

Long-term Business SEO

SEO for a business is not a hit-and-run one-off operation. While an initial boost in rankings can be good, it takes ongoing effort to sustain it, especially if your business operates in a competitive niche.

However, with ongoing blogging, a dedicated effort towards search, and frequent updates of keyword-heavy blog posts, corporate SEO isn’t an impossible task. More immediately effective than social media marketing or dedicated online PR, an in-house SEO blog can boost your bottom line, dramatically increase online visibility, and transform your online business. If you need online visibility and improved business, start one today!

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    February 24, 2010

    wordpress is proven best for creating blogs in compare to joomla or wordpress.

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